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About Us

Inner strength


 I believe the path to recovery begins with finding your inner strength, empowering yourself and sometimes reaching out for help. If you are struggling with substance abuse or co-occurring issues, I am here to offer guidance and support. I have been working in the addictions field for over 6 years in a multitude of settings. I have worked within the prison system offering substance abuse treatment to both men and women. I have also worked as a clinician within a non-profit organization. Working in these settings have taught me that their is no cookie cutter approach to substance abuse treatment, everyone's path is different. 

Path to recovery

I believe in meeting people where they are at in the journey and focusing on their personal recovery

 Taking the step to change your life is both exciting and terrifying, I am here to help you find your inner strength and wisdom to achieve your goals.   I will walk beside you on your path to personal freedom through recovery . 

About Me


My name is  Kimberly Ducharme and I have been an MLADC for 4 years and a substance abuse clinician for over 8. I enjoy this work immensely and am thankful to be apart of peoples journey to find their inner strength, innate health and ultimately help them find recovery. A few things about me: I love animals , Wonder Woman and pride myself on my humor and ability to make others laugh. 

Services Provided


Individual counseling; Substance abuse and co-occurring disorders


Court ordered assesments and LADC Evaluations


Level of care assessment - to determine appropriate treatment options